11 Jun 2015

Following yesterday’s Flash Flood incident at KM 21.5, Lebuhraya Damansara Puchong (LDP), which had affected traffic on both Southbound and Northbound of the LDP, LITRAK have executed an immediate and thorough investigation onsite, including a joint site visit with Majlis Perbandaran Subang Jaya (MPSJ), Malaysia Highway Authority (MHA) and representatives from IOI Mall. The outcome of the investigation had indicated that despite the LDP drainage system being in good functional condition, the flash flood was however attributed to the following factors:

i. Drainage Beyond LDP
a. MPSJ Monsoon Drain In Front Of IOI Mall

Drain running between the LDP highway and IOI Mall Shopping Complex was found to be badly silted and had overflowed into IOI Mall Shopping Complex, also caused a backflow into the LDP highway.
b. Monsoon Drain At LRT Station 6 Construction Site

Drain running through the LRT Station 6 site beside the IOI Mall was found to be badly silted.
c. Monsoon Drain Between LRT Station 6 and Sg. Klang

Some fallen trees at the downstream end between LRT Station 6 and Sg Klang had slow down the flow of water.
In result of the site visit conducted with LLM and MPSJ on 11 June 2015, there will be several follow up actions to rectify the matter:
 MPSJ would expedite the required desilting of drainage system within their areas.
 MPSJ would write to Prasarana to have them immediately desilt the drainage system within their area.
 MPSJ to further coordinate with JPS on the required desilting works on the downstream drainage system between the LRT Station 6 and Sg Klang.
LDP would continuously monitor and ensure the functionality of its drainage system and major cross culverts across the highway. Inspections and desilting of the drainage system would continue on weekly basis over the existing monsoon period.

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